Stephanie and Michael were both very welcoming and knowledgeable. The Introduction Day was full of different aspects to help improve your life and wellbeing. I really enjoyed the fitness and yoga session and took away exercises to continue with at home. At the end of the day, I felt very relaxed and chilled. I would recommend the course and thank you to Stephanie and Michael for a great, fun, and knowledgeable day. Helen x


Feedback 4th June 2023

Stephanie and Michael were very welcoming and approachable. I found the whole day very helpful especially the breathing exercises. I found the meditations deep and meaningful. Have loved the whole day!! The food was very good too! Liz


Feedback 4th June 2023

Excellent content of the day, Michael and Stephanie worked well and provided a safe space. It was a beautiful group and experience. I would definitely recommend this to others. Lunch was delicious.


Feedback 24th June 2023

Amazing Buffet. Totally relaxed, Lovely to share my Omni experience, positive breathing techniques. I would totally recommend this to others to help people understand the advantages of mindfulness and Omni. Day was presented well by Michael and Stephanie.


Feedback 24th June 2023

Programmes explained

Our current 4 day programme of practical workshops has been designed to enhance your whole health and will take place throughout the year on a rolling programme.

We have designed the course to help and equip your journey through the year.

The programme is a Certificated and Comprehensive Wellness Course with all the necessary information and guides to aid your better future.


retreat into welness reteats 2023

Module Costs:

Each module is £110 to include a vegetarian lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

If you book all four modules you receive 10% discount at a cost of £396.

Payment options are available. Please ask us if you feel spreading the course cost is more realistic to help your budget.

Next Module Date

Module 4

modules explained

Saturday 18th November

9.30am - 4:30pm


10% DISCOUNT for Retreat Into Wellness

Friends and Family - ONLY £99

Saturday 18th November 2023 – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Why not come and join us for a restoring day of wellness?

This relaxing and informative wellness day is open to everyone! Whether you have completed module one, two, three or none of the 4 module programme or just wish to start learning about wellness, you will find module 4 is one not to be missed.

Stephanie and Michael will be teaching and sharing wellness in the following areas to enhance your personal wellbeing. It will be of particular benefit to those who are living with

• menopause
• anxiety and stress
• depression
• mood swings
• eating disorders
• digestive issues

The day will provide you with a range of self-care
and self-love activities to include the following.

Morning session will be a Personal exercise planning session for the months ahead.
Michael will guide you through ten easy exercises you can do at home after the retreat day.
You can then take away the ten short demonstration videos so you can practise each day at home! These exercises are easy to do…any time, any place and anywhere.
The session will provide you with exercise ideas which will enable you to maintain and sustain a fitter and healthier body…especially through the darker months of winter.

In the afternoon, Michael will be be guiding you through a very exciting yogic tradition of Yantric Yoga. This thought provoking session will enable you to discover why there are certain cycles you seem to repeat in your life - year on year. Have you ever wondered why there are patterns of behaviour that you seem to go through on a regular basis? Some bad experiences can be avoided and understood as you learn about how the yantric cycles are here to teach you about your life.

In the morning with Stephanie, you will learn about the Heart Energy. Understand the importance of loving yourself and how the universe provides this for you. It is a not a selfish concept, but rather a concept that one needs to understand in order to enjoy life to the max. In the afternoon, she will look into the appreciation and awareness of your life, in order to move forward into a more relaxed positive phase. This a practical workshop where you will learn how to take these concepts forward into your everyday life.

This Saturday 18th November is not to be missed and if you have joined us previously you are entitled to a 10% reduction of the cost of the day, at only £99. In addition, you will receive a nutritious vegetarian lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

PLEASE NOTE – if you have attended a previous day course from the modules, you are welcome to invite a friend or family member who you feel may benefit from this day at the same discounted price.

Please book your place today by calling Michael 07595041953 or Stephanie 07879858804.

You can also make payment online using the website and follow the booking option.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Retreat into wellness is always yours,

Michael and Stephanie

£110 inc vegetarian lunch & refreshments





Payment Options are available.

Please ask us if you feel spreading the course cost is more realistic to help your budget.

Please contact Michael or Stephanie directly to discuss



Tel: 07879 858804